Sync, analyse and share

Discover GO, the virtual storage system on the TwoNav cloud.
Sync your activities on all your devices without cables from anywhere in the world.

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Safety and Reliability

Save your tracks and routes in a safe place where they won’t be lost

Multiple sports

Whatever your sport, GO is for you (cycling, hiking, running, flying...)

Sync without cables

Transfer your outings to your devices by connecting to a Wi-Fi network

Store your activities on the GO Cloud

From home with Land

Plan the waypoints for your next outing easily with the Land computer software. When you’re ready, upload the route to the GO Cloud

Practising sports with your GPS

Before starting your activity, download the route you’re going to do directly to your GPS. Just one click and you’re on your way!

Anywhere in the world from the GO website

Connect to this portal from a computer, tablet or mobile and you’ll be able to analyse your outings quickly and easily wherever you are. See all the data and stats from your last achievement on one screen

Manage SeeMe™: a new way to experience the outdoors

See live broadcasts and the emergency alerts issued from any TwoNav GPS.

Plus, you’ll be able to manage, add and edit your broadcast and emergency contacts easily from this same portal.

Share your experience on social media

Involve your friends in your adventures, share your routes and progress with other enthusiasts

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